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When can I expect to receive my Download?

Downloads will be available to buy at two separate intervals. Once for pre order and once for general sale. Downloads will usually be sent to you via secure link up to 6 weeks after the course has concluded.

I haven't received a confirmation email, how do I know if my child is booked on?

You will have received a confirmation email from our ecommerce store or from our enrolment team. You will have also been directed to a confirmation page at the time of checkout. If a club is full you cannot book and you would have been presented with a waiting list booking option.

Does my child need to bring anything with them to the club?

Only themselves and their imagination. Should your child need costume they will receive a costume form during the club sessions or it will be noted on their YFC Journal.

How do I know the club start and finish dates?

You will have been able to download dates at times at the time of booking. You will receive a reminder of dates and times two weeks before the course starts.

How do I claim a refund? or I'm due a refund will this arrive automatically?

Please see the refund policy at the bottom of the 'Book Your Child's Place' page.

Why has a recurring payment been set up? (Only applicable if not paid all upfront)

At the time of booking one payment is taken for the first half term and a recurring payment or invoice is set up to cover the second half term. This payment is taken a few weeks before half term (This does not apply if you have paid full club fees up front).


My child did the club last term, does this mean they will automatically be signed up for the club next term?

No. You will need to follow the booking process again.

My child has additional needs, how can I make sure the club leader is aware of these?

This should be communicated to our enrolment department. They will then let the relevant leaders know.

My child really wanted to do the club this term but it's full up! Can I guarantee them a spot for next term?

You can guarantee them first refusal as long as you sign them up to the waiting list.


How do I log a complaint?

Please use the 'about us/contact' page and write directly to our directors at head office or follow the complaints procedure located in your parent pack. 

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